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Home-based therapy is also called home-based psychotherapy, home-based counseling, or in-home therapy. It takes place when a therapist provides counseling in a person's home. Home-based therapy has helped many people reach their treatment goals.

Home-based therapy takes place at the home of a person in therapy rather than in an office. It can help people who have difficulty getting to private practices or mental health facilities. Factors that could keep someone from getting care include money issues, age, chronic medical issues, agoraphobia, and responsibilities at home or work.

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Why Therapists Offer Home-Based Therapy

Home-based therapists know it can be hard for some people to get to an office for an appointment. Illness, disability, personal crisis, lack of funds, transportation issues, or childcare are all reasons a person might not be able to get to therapy. Home-based therapy can address many of these obstacles.

When treatment is provided at home, the therapeutic relationship may develop more quickly. This is because people in therapy can be more relaxed in their own homes than in an office. Instead of relying on self-reporting, therapists may get deeper insights from seeing how and where people live. As a result, effective treatment can progress, and healing may happen more easily.

“ Home-based therapy can also be helpful for therapists. They may be able to transition more smoothly between personal, family, and work duties, especially if they also work from home. Therapists who work from home and offer home-based therapy may have less workplace stress, more family time, and no regular commute.”

People who are homebound can benefit from different forms of distance therapy. However, they may also prefer face-to-face interaction. Since they are never seen at a therapist’s office, people who choose home-based therapy ensure that their privacy is protected. Home-based therapy makes mental health services more accessible to a wider range of people. It may also be less expensive than traditional therapy at an office.

We understand that some patients are unable to leave their homes, thus preventing access to psychological treatment and counseling which would be beneficial and potentially prevent the need from longer term psychological care. For this reason, the team at Anbu Sri Sai Home Nursing Service offers a home visiting service to patients. Our in-home psychological treatments are available to patients on all weekdays and around Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.