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Best Sports Coaching Service in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka

Sports are extremely important for our overall development. Involving in a sport helps us to be healthy and at the same time to be fit. It gives a kind of discipline to children later in life, we learn how to work in a team, to be co-operative and also the art of taking loses and wins in a stride.

Anbu Sri Sai Home Health Care provides professional coaching in the following sport: cricket, table-tennis, badminton and tennis. The academy aims at training individuals in a sport and also ensuring that they are fit and for the overall well-being.

Sports Coaching Service

“Our well-trained and experienced coaches provide personalized training programs and individual attention after identifying the unique strength and weakness of every athlete.”

Playing a sport is extremely important for human beings. Not only do you learn a new skill it brings so much to your personality and development. When you play a sport, you will develop mental and physical toughness, get exercise, learn to play as a member of a team in case of some sports, improve their self-confidence and above all give them a chance to have fun while learning something new.

We provide training for Track and field events to school and college students, school dropouts, veteran athletes and public. General fitness and weight loss programmes to office goers, homemakers and senior citizens.

In addition, unique specific fitness programs for racquet and ball games (Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Volleyball etc.).